•  The Angels (5)  (Los Angeles)
    aka The Safaris aka The Suddens aka The Enchanters (5) aka The Dories (1)

    Personnel :

    Jim Stephens (Lead)

    Marv Rosenberg

    Richard Clasky

    Sheldom Briar



    1959 - A Lover's Poem (To Him) / A Lover's Poem (From Her) (Tawny 101)

    Biography :

    When Sandy, The Dories' female lead, decided marriage was more fun than singing, the boys replaced her with San Fernando vocalist Jimmy Stephens, who had graduated Van Nuys High School. The Dories became the Angels and in 1959, "A Lover's Poem (To Her)" was recorded with Darlene Love & the Blossoms backing the Angels, with Herb Albert on trumpet.

      The Angels (5) aka The Safaris ...

    The Angels managed to do a variety of San Bernardino record hops and came to the attention of Eldo Records. In April 1960 "Image of a Girl", with its clock intro sound (made by hitting two ends of wooden block), was released by the newly christened Safaris and on June 6th charted on Billboard's Hot 100. The female lead singer of "A Lover's Poem (From Her) is Bilijean aka Billie Jean Kunkel aka Bee Jee Kunkel.

    Songs :
    (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    A Lover's Poem (To Him)                    A Lover's Poem (From Her)


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