•  Day, Dawn & Dusk  (New York)
    aka Day, Dawn & Dusk Trio
    (By Hans-Joachim)





    Bob Caver (also plays piano)

    Eddie Coleman

    (Bot) Gus Simmons



    Day, Dawn & Dusk
    1946 -Basin Street Blues / Rigoletto In Harlem (Collector Item 805)
    1946 - Mein Stetela Belz / Bones, Bones, Bones (Collector Item 806)
    1955 - Let The Tears Fall / Miss Petunia (Apollo 476)
    1955 - Let The Tears Fall / A Cheat’s A Cheat (Kent 519)
    1956 - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere / Who Are You Kissing? (Josie 794)

    Day, Dawn & Dusk Trio
    1954 - All Thru The Years / The Kiss (That Broke My Heart) (Herald 1000)




    At one time there was a vocal - instrumental trio called Day, Dawn, and Dusk. They were very much in a style of other small combos that we have chronicled on this site such as the Three Bits of Rhythm, Do-Ray-Me Trio, and the Three Peppers. They occupy a small niche in the history of the music and are hard to define. Not quite R & B, not quite jazz, not quite pop, but a curious mixture of all three with a bit of classical or even country thrown in.

    Day, Dawn, and Dusk were comprised of Bob Carver the pianist for the trio, Eddie Coleman, and Gus Simmons.They did not have an extensive recording history but they did put out records for a number of different labels.They began their recording career for a label called Collectors Items which was located in New York City.

    These sides date from the late nineteen forties and include "Basin Street Blues" and "Rigoletto In Harlem" on # 805. This was followed by "Bones, Bones, Bones" and " Mein Stetela Belz" on # 806.The next mention of the trio in the trade press announces that they are doing good box office for an extended club date in Denver, Colorado in December of 1953.

    Day, Dawn & Dusk  

    During the following summer, a recording for the Herald label shows up as selling moderately well in the Los Angeles area. This is "The Kiss That Broke My Heart" and "All through The Years" recorded with the Orchestra of Charles LaVerne and released on Herald # 1000. The next year finds the trio recording for the Apollo label with "Let The Tears Fall" and "Miss Petunia" on # 476.


    A year later they show up on Josie Records with "Anytime" and "Who Are You Kissing?" on # 794. Oklahoma City reports that "Anytime" is one of the top ten best selling records in the R & B field in may of 1956. That seems to be the last mention of Day, Dawn, and Dusk.
    J.C. Marion




    Songs :

    Who Are You Kissing?           Let The Tears Fall              A Cheat’s A Cheat

    Basin Street Blues            Rigoletto In Harlem              Mein Stetela Belz

    Bones, Bones, Bones          Miss Petunia        Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere




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