• The Jets (1) (Washington, D.C)
    aka The Bachelors (2) aka The Links


    Personnel :

    Waverly "Buck" Mason (Lead)

    James "Toy" Walton (First Tenor)

    Walter Taylor (Second Tenor)

    Herbert Fisher (Baritone)

    John Bowie (Bass)

    Charles Booker (Baritone / Guitar)


    Discography :

    1953 - The Lovers / Drag It Home Baby (Rainbow 201) 

    Biography :

    The Jets had met and connected in high school and were now putting together a musical package to present to their as yet unknowing public. Soon they had enough polish and singing talent to become a mainstay in the area's clubs and nightspots. They finally got a break in the desire to expand their sphere of influence, so to speak, by securing a recording contract in 1952. They were set to record for Eddie Heller's New York based Rainbow Records. That independent label had been trying to break out in the rapidly growing R & B market in the Northeast.

    In late December, right at the end of the year, Rainbow releases a tune called "The Lovers" by The Jets. The flip side was a throwaway jump tune called "Drag It Home Baby", and the pair of tunes was out on Rainbow #201. Rainbow touted the group in its ads headlining "Introducing The Jets", and "An R & B Must". One of the factors that complicated the attempt of the group to find an audience was that soon after their record came out, a vocal group on the West Coast also called The Jets released a record on the 7-11 label.


    The California group would eventually hit paydirt as The Hollywood Flames some years later. The Washington D.C. group however saw their first recorded effort pull a disappearing act despite the efforts at promotion and airplay. To add a bit of irony to the prodeedings, the next effort by the group in the recording studio was for Aladdin Records who had the West Coast Jets (Flames) under contract. Thus the D.C. Jets were now known as The Bachelors.

    Songs :

    The Lovers                               Drag It Home, Baby


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