• The Springers (1) (Cleveland, OH)


    Personnel :

    Jeff Crutchfield "Jeff Dale" (Lead)

    James Dodson

    James McClain

    Tyrone Henry

    Frankie Suber

    Carl Lipford


    Discography :

    1964 - I Know Why / I Know My Baby Loves Me (Way Out 2699)
    1965 - Why / Last Heartbreak (Way Out 2799)
    1965 - It's Been A Long Time / You Can Laugh (Way Out 5696)


    Biography :

    Way Out records was established by Lester Johnson and Bill Branch in the early 1960s as a outlet for Cleveland's large African-American music scene, primarily R&B. The Way Out operation included a recording studio and office located on East 55th Street in Cleveland. As the music scene moved toward soul, Way Out started releasing records in that style, with the Springers and the Sensations as their lead acts.

    The Springers from Cleveland, OH (there was a Philadelphia group with the same name) started recording in the mid-sixties for Way Out records but had a dated sound. Their first (Way Out Records) single "I Know Why," was a minor R&B hit in 1964; the slow, dripping doo-wop was the labels' biggest record and earned the Springers a week long gig at New York's famed Apollo Theater.  Lester Johnson and Ike Perry, of Ike Perry & the Lyrics, produced the harmonic ballad written by Johnson, and Tyrone Henry, one of the Springers. The other members were Jeff Crutchfield, who became Jeff Dale with the Springers, James Dodson (Sahibs, Crown Imperials), James McClain, Frankie Suber and Carl Lipford. They resided in Cleveland's Wade Park area, Crutchfield was born in Memphis, TN but moved to Cleveland with family when he was 12.


    Way Out issued a second single, similar to the first, "Why," written by Henry & McClain, in 1965; A third and final single appeared later in '65, but "It's Been A Long Time" b/w "You Can Laugh," didn't generate much action and no more singles were issued. The Springers kept going, gigging at places like the Spaghetti Inn on Wade Park, the Red Carpet, the Circle Ballroom, and occasional treks to a club in Lorain, OH. There are some unreleased tracks laying around somewhere, a female who lived on Ansel Road, wrote songs that the Springers recorded but that remains unreleased.

    Songs :

           I Know Why                                Why                            It's Been A Long Time

     Last Heartbreak                   You Can Laugh              I Know My Baby Loves Me


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