•  The Heartbreakers (2)

    Paul Himmelstein (top), Henri Eli, Henry Jackson & Bobby Higgs

     The Heartbreakers (2) (Bronx, New York)



    Paul Himmelstein (Lead Singer)

    Henry "Stoney" Jackson (First Tenor)

    Bobby Higgs (Second Tenor)

    Henri Eli (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1957 - One, Two, I Love You / Without A Cause (Vik 0261)
    1957 - Love You Til The Day I Diel / My love (Vik 0299)
    1959 - Come Back My Love / Jenny Lee (the Students) (Fordharm 109)



    Biography :

    Paul Himmelstein was discovered as a talented child star in 1952. By 1954, he joined up with the other members off the heartbreakers. Himmelstein was thirteen years of age at the time. The others were sixteen and seventeen.

     The Heartbreakers (2)

    Eleven-year-old Paul Himmelstein appearing in 1952 on NYC's WPIX television show, "Talents For Tomorrow)

     After the group appeared and won four weeks in a row at the Apollo's amateur night contest, RCA's Vik Records subsidiary signed the Heartbreakers to a recording contract. Vik recordings is the replacement name for RCA Victor's "X" which operated from April 20, 1953 to September 10, 1955 when the name change occurred. It was later abandoned by RCA (Probably somewhere in the late '60s) but was "revived" in 1998 by BMG Music Canada Inc.

    At The Apollo Theater, 1957

    Vik released two discs by the group and then tried to convoke Himmelstein to leave them and go solo. Loyalty would not allow him to do this. However, the group broke up soon after anyway.

     The Heartbreakers (2)

    Henri Eli, Paul Himmelstein, Henry Jackson & Bobby Higgs

    Come Back, My Love written by Bobby Lee Mansfield performed by The Heartbreakers recorded circa March 1956 issued on the album, "A Night At The Apollo - Recorded Live at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem," part of Vanguard's Theatre Showcase series (VRS-9006), in April 1956 From the Bronx.

     The Heartbreakers (2)

    At The Apollo Theater, 1957

      In 1961, Henry "Stoney" Jackson replaced  Delmar Goggins in The V-Eights with Bobby Thomas, Roosevelt McDuffie , Tony Maples and Frank Hosendove.  This new V-Eights recorded four songs: "Everything That You Said," "Guess What," "Let's Take A Chance," and "Hot Water."


    Songs :

    Without A Cause                         One, Two, I Love You

    My Love                                         Love You Till

    Come BackMy Love






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