The Romans (1) (East Haven, Connecticut)

    Personnel :

    Joe Apuzzo (Lead)

    Chick Ciccolallo

    Chick Leone

    Tony Leone

    Discography :

    1956 - Honey Love / Why Can‘t This Be So? (Haven 111)

    Biography :

    The lead vocalist of this quartet was Joseph Apuzzo. He was a serious musician talking vocal lessons with a coach in the area. He was developing a promising singing career and gaining local celebrity status as a singing waiter. The other members of the group were a pair of brothers and a mutual friend or co-worker, the Leone brothers lived around the corner from Joseph at the time. The final member of the group was called Chick Ciccolallo. One song they would rehearse was "In the Still of the Night". That song was an incredible hit and that group was a local act as well, known as the 5 Satins. The Romans recorded their songs in the same space as the 5 Satins.

    The Five Satins  (In The Still Of The Night)                                  The Studio = Saint Bernadette Church

     Incredibly, this studio was actually the basement of a local Catholic Church (Saint Bernadette Church).  A number of groups recorded there as word got around about the availability of the work space. The Romans was doing area T V shows and local sock hops to promote the group. They appeared with the likes of Bobby Darin and Connie Francis on some shows among a host of other up and comers. The Romans recorded 4 songs, but only two are released in the local label Haven.
    Thanks to David J. Apuzzo

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

     Honey Love                                  Why Can‘t This Be So?


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