• The Del Shays aka The Teen Rockers (2)
    Barry VanFosson, Walter Andrade and Bill Hughes

    The Del Shays (South Gate, California)
    aka The Teen Rockers (2)

    Personnel :

    Walter Andrade (Lead & Piano)

    Rick Holt (Vocal & Bass) replaced by Charlie Flecher

    Bill Hughes (Vocal & Guitar)

    Barry Van Fossan (Vocal & Drums)

    Discography :

    The Del Shays
    1964 - Fake It (Inst.) / (Love You) Forever (Charger 102)
    1965 - A Long Long Time    / Remember What I Said (Celestial 1006)

    The Teen Rockers (2)
    1961 - Scat Cat / Rattlesnake (Eldo 116)

    Biography :

    Vocal & Instrumental group, The Teen Rockers consisted of Walter Andrade, Rick Holt, Bill Hughes and Barry Van Fossan. They began back at South Gate Junior High, played at high school dances, Rock and Roll Sox Hops, and shows around the LA area. In 1959, the group was chosen a winner on the Betty Yeakel show, “Rocket to Stardom,” broadcast on TV. In 1961 they recorded two songs for ELDO Records, "Scat Cat" and "Rattlesnake."

    The Del Shays aka The Teen Rockers (2)
    Rick Holt, Barry VanFosson, Walter Andrade and Bill Hughes

    After high school, Charlie Flecher replaced Rick Holt and the band went on to become the Del Shays and had the honor of working with Bob Eubanks, as the “back-up” band on many concerts with the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, the Temptations and many others and played at the Cinnamon Cinder.

    The Del Shays aka The Teen Rockers (2)
    Walter Andrade, Barry VanFosson, Rick Holt, and Bill Hughes

      In 1964, they recorded the nice Doo-wop “I'll Love You Forever,” which Charlie Flecher &  Walter Andrade wrote. With some staff changes, in 1965, the Delshays recorded "A Long Long Time" and "Remember What I Said" both wrote & producer by Bill Hughes. The single will be released by Celestial records out of Los Angeles.

    Songs :

    The Del Shays

       (Love You) Forever                           Remember what I said

    A Long Long Time


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