• The Five Playboys (Pittsburgh)
    (Update By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Mickey Sands (Lead)

    Sammy Juliano

    Meraldo "Tony" Bertoni jr

    Eddie Lucente

    Joey Fabry



    1957 - Pages Of My Scrapbook / Love me right (Fee Bee 213)
    1957 - Pages Of My Scrapbook / When We Were Young (Fee Bee 213/Dot 15605)
    1958 - Angel Mine / She's My Baby (Fee Bee 232)
    1958 - Why be a fool / Time will allow (Mercury 71269)
    1959 - She's My baby / Mr Echo (Petites 504)
    N/A - Never Let Her Go Spring Is Here (Fee Bee) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Spring Is Here (Fee Bee) (Unreleased)


    Biography :

    The 5 Playboys were a singing group from Pittsburgh, Pa. They recorded several albums in Chicago and New York for labels like Dot, Mercury and Fee Bee. The mega-hit song "One Summer Night" recorded by the Danleers was actually stolen from The 5 Playboys. Joe Averbach, the promoter for The 5 Playboys and the Del Vikings gave the song to the Danleers without cutting The 5 Playboys in on the deal. Two of the Playboys, Meraldo (Tony) Bertoni jr. and Sammy Juliano were driving in the car when they heard their song come on the radio. Their jaws dropped at hearing someone else singing their magical song without their consent or compensation. The copyright laws we have today were not in place then. The playboys broke up as a result. The playboys made a great contribution to the music industry with songs like "pages of my scrapbook". They performed in many venues and appreciated the fans who enjoyed their music. Tony is my dad and he still croons a note every now and then.


    Songs :

    Why Be A Fool                             Mr Echo  

    Angel Mine                                   She's My baby                      Love Me Right

    When We Were Young                   Never Let Her Go                Spring Is Here

    Time Will Allow                   Pages Of My Scrapbook


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