(paste-up picture) Left to right : Hughes, Ford, Williams, Byrd.

    The Jets (2)  (Watts, Los Angeles)
    aka The Hollywood Flames


    Personnel :

    David Ford

    Bobby Byrd

    Leon Hughes

    Curtis Williams

    Discography :

    1953 - Volcano / Gomen Nasai (7-11  2102)
    1954 - I'll Hide My Tears / Got A Little Shadow (Aladdin 3247)

    Biography :

    The Flames  (David Ford, Bobby Byrd, Leon Hughes, and Curtis Williams) started their Aladdin career in December 1952 by backing up Patty Anne.


    Issued on Aladdin's 7-11 subsidiary in March 1953: "Volcano" and "Gomen Nasai" (both led by David Ford). On this record they're billed (for unknown reasons) as the "Jets." In May 1954, Aladdin issued a couple of their older masters (once again as the "Jets"): "I'll Hide My Tears" /"Got A Little Shadow".


    Songs :

    Volcano                                          I'll Hide My Tears


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