The Four Temptations  (Flushing, new York)
    ref : The Temptations (3)

    Personnel :

    Artie Ripp

    Mario "Skippy" Scarpa

    Stu Silverman

    Joe Tedesca

    Discography :

    1958 - Cathy / Rock and Roll Baby (ABC 9920)

    Biography :

    In 1957, Artie Ripp formed a vocal group with some others of his local neighborhood friends they signed in 1957 with ABC Records as back up group for ABC. They backed to Paul Anka on their ABC hit "Diana" and broke up.


    Later, Artie contacted again  Mario Scarpa, Stu Silverman, Joe Tedesco and The Four Temptations were born. They auditioned for ABC and  released " Cathy "with "Rock and Roll Baby" on ABC 9920.

    Artie Ripp with Phil Spector                                                 The Temptations (3)

    The Group broke up again and Artie Ripp formed and managed another Temptation's group consisted of Artie Maren, Artie Schlacman, Larry Schwartz and Neil Stevens who cut three singles for Goldisc.  In 1964, Artie Ripp started "Kama Sutra Productions". A year later, in company with Art Kass, George Goldner and Richard Barrett, he formed the Kama Sutra record label. 


    Songs :

    Cathy                                              Rock and Roll Baby


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