• The Delmonicos (2)  aka The Crystals (6)  aka The Metros (2)  (New-York)

    Personnel :

    Joe Patriarca  (Second Tenor)

    Richie Sozzi (First Tenor)

    Joe Garcia (Lead & First Tenor)

    Johnny Angelillo (Baritone)

    Joe Premonts (Bass)

    Discography :

    1957 - Cynthia  (demo)
    1957 - Baby Sitter  (demo)

    Biography :

    The Original Crystals came from Columbus High School. They are Joe Patriarca, Richie Sozzi, ,Joe Garcia, John Angelillo and Joe Premonts.

    The Original Crystals

    Premont and Sozzi were soon replaced by Joe "Bassi" Carillo and Don Cruz respectively.
    The Group changed their name to the Delmonicos and recorded a demo Cynthia b/w Baby Sitter in 1957/1958.

    The Crystals / Metros

    John's brother Louis "Chubby" became the group's co-manager along with Louis Carbonetti.
    Chubby Angelillo got the group an audition with Moe Gale who changed the group's name to the Metro's.
    Ed Engel (Crystal Ball records)


    The Demos :


    Baby Sitter                             Cynthia



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