•  The Three Vales
    (L to R) Richard Blair, Ronnie Blair & Dick Sedlock

    The Three Vales (McKeesport, Pa)


    Personnel :

    Richard Blair

    Ronnie Blair

    Dick Sedlock

    Discography :

    Dick Vale The Three Vales
    1957 - Sure Nuff / Rock A Billy Blues (Coral 61844) 

    The Three Vales
    1957 - Blue Lights Down Low / Aye Aye Aye (Cindy 3007) 

    Unreleased :
    1958 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered / Aye Aye Aye

    Biography :

    This group formed in 1956. After many hours of daily practice, they obtained their first job performing at local club. They led to many other local appearances. Pittsburgh Deejay Jay Michael helped them get an audition with Gale records. They recorded masters for gale, but nothing was ever released on that label. Moe Gale had sold their masters to Coral Records, which eventually released a three Vales disc with "Sure Nuff" b/w "Rock A Billy Blues".  

     The Three Vales
    (L to R) Dick Sedlock, Ronnie Blair & Richard Blair

    The artist designation of their coral release was either an error or promotional "gimmick", they were identified as Dick Vale & The Three Vales instead of Three Vales.The Coral recording did quite well and they appeared with many of the names Rhythm and Blues and Rock'n'Roll stars at the dance hall. The success of "Sure Nuff" earned them a spot on Jay Michael's August 23, 1957 Top Ten Revue at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh. The program was billed as "A Shower Of Stars"and included Sal Mineo, Jill Corey, the Four Coins, the clovers, the Bobbettes, Huey Smith, the Velours and others.

     The Three Vales
    (L to R) Richard Blair, Ronnie Blair & Dick Sedlock

    The fall of 1957, Richard Blair collaborated with Sonny Gilmer of the Premiers in penning a ditty called "Blue Lights Down Low". Jay Michael heard the three Vales do it at one of his hop. He was so impressed, Michael contacted his friend, George Goldner, who owned Roulette Records. Without delay, a recording session was shelled for the group. Sonny & the Premiers accompanied the Three Vales to New York and provided instrumentation for "Blue Lights Down Low" and "Aye Aye Aye". Following the release of "Blue Lights Down Low" on Roulette's subsidiary Cindy label, the Three Vales continued performing  throughout the Pittsburgh vicinity. Ron Blair was drafted in June 1958 and the Three Vales parted. At this time brother Richard Blair moved on to California.

     The Three Vales    The Three Vales

    After his service obligation ended, Ron returned to Pittsburgh in 1960. He and Sedlock re-formed the Three Vales, getting Mike Salvi to replace Richard Blair. Additionally, the group included Rudy Salvi on guitar and Mike Cinna on drums. The Three Vales were once again on the scene. On June 21, 1961, the Three Vales went into the recording studios at united recording service in Pittsburgh. With Sonny & the Premiers backing, the group recorded "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" b/w an updated " Aye Aye Aye". Their effort was splendid but no attempt to find a label ensued. Although there was no recording, they toured and entertained at clubs. They remained together for more than a year and finally broke up for good.


    Songs :

    Dick Vale & The Three Vales

    Sure Nuff                                         Rock A Billy Blues

    The Three Vales

    Aye Aye Aye                                 Blue Lights Down Low





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