• The Cyclones (2) aka The Furys (2)

    The Furys (2) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Cyclones (2)
    ref : The Centennials

    Personnel :

    Jerome Evans (Baritone / Lead)

    Robert Washington

    Melvin White

    Georges Taylor

    Jimmy Green

    Discography :

    The Cyclones (2)
    1959 - Big Mary / Good Goodnight (Forward 313)

    The Furys (2)
    1961 - So Tuff / Over You (Pains In My Heart) (Edsel 786 / Mack IV 05)
    1962 - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart / Never More (Mack IV 112)
    1962 - If There's A Next Time / Another Fella (Mack IV 114)
    1962 - I Really Feel Good / The Old Days (Mack IV 115)
    1964 - Gee Baby / Somebody's Fox  (Mack IV 117)
    1964 - I Lost My Baby / What Is Soul  (Mack IV 118)
    1964 - Where My Money Goes / Cover Girl (Aura 396)
    1964 - Baby You Can Bet Your Boots / The Man Who Has Everything (Liberty 55692)
    1964 - If I Didn't Have A Dime / Dream (Liberty 55719)
    1964 - Anything For You / Cat 'N Mouse (World Pacific 386)  

    The Centennials
    1961 - My Dear One / The Wayward Wind (Dot 16180)

    Biography :

    JJerome Evans started singing when he was a mere 3 years old imitating songs he heard on the radio.  Growing up in the West Los Angeles neighborhood of 42nd Street between Broadway and Main, Jerome starting "foolin' around" with his brothers and some other friends singing in amateur shows in 1952.  Later, Jerome formed a group called the Cyclones along with Robert Washington, Melvin White and George Taylor.  In 1959, the Cyclones recorded "Big Mary" for George Motola's Forward Records (Forward 313). In the same period Jerome Evans had been a member of The Lions & The Centennials.

    The Cyclones (2) aka The Furys (2)      The Cyclones (2) aka The Furys (2)
                   Jimmy Green                                                                                       Jimmy McEachin (Mack)

    Later, in 1962, the four members of the Cyclones joined Jimmy Green (the brother of Vernon Green of the Medallions) to form a new group.  The group was practicing one day when songwriter/producer Jimmy McEachin (who wrote such novelty hits as the Fight and Gravel Gert for the Barons in 1959) heard them and decided to take them into the studio giving them their new name - the Furys.  The group recorded a number of records for McEachin including So Tough b/w I've Got a Pain in My Head (Over You) (Edsel 786 -1961). 

    The Furys (2) aka The Cyclones (2)

    "Over You" did pretty well for 6 months and was played a lot on KGFJ and was pushed by Hunter Hancock on his radio show.  The Furys later would score on McEachin's own Mark IV label with a rendition of "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart" b/w "Never More" .  Of all the groups that recorded Zing, the Furys' version is probably the most recognized.  That was the beginning of everything for the Furys, working with the William Morris agency, the group did a lot of big shows.

    The Cyclones (2) aka The Furys (2)

    The Furys later moved to Liberty records where they recorded "Man Who Has Everything" b/w "Baby, You Can Bet Your Boots" and "If I Didn't Have A Dime" b/w "Dream" and the World Pacific label where they cut "Cat 'N Mouse" b/w "Anything For You  .The Furys also recorded under the name of Private Eye and did Charlie Chan and Dances With Charlie Chan (Kris Records). When the British invasion hit, the Furys went overseas doing tours in Japan and in southeast asia (in 1970).  The group later disbanded in the early 1970's. 

    Discography :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Cyclones (2)

          Good Goodnight                                       Big Mary               

    The Furys (2)

    So Tuff                    Over You (Pains In My Heart)                    Never More

    Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart

    If There's A Next Time               Another Fella                      I Really Feel Good  

    The Old Days                         Gee Baby                           Somebody's Fox

          I Lost My Baby                      What Is Soul                    Where My Money Goes

                   Cover Girl            Baby You Can Bet Your Boots    The Man Who Has Everything

    If I Didn't Have A Dime                 Dream                   Anything For You

    Cat 'N Mouse
    The Centennials

    My Dear One / The Wayward Wind


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