• Clarence E. Quick 

    The Eastmen (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
    aka The East-Men


    Personnel :

    Clarence E. Quick (Bass)

    Watsie Lumbard (First Tenor)

    Jethro Worthy (Second Tenor / Baritone)

    Russell Worthy (Second Tenor / Baritone)

    Harold Allen (First Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Eastmen
    1959 - Lover Come Home / Bye Bye My Baby (Mercury 71434)

    Watsie Lumbard & The East-Men (Featuring Hal Jaxon)
    1960 - Passion/ Hum-Dibby-Do-Wah (Glow 100)

    Biography :

    In late 1958, Del Vikings founder, bass singer, and principal songwriter Clarence E. Quick  having received his discharge from the United States Air Force, left the Del Vikings to join the Eastmen, another act that was signed to Mercury Records.  Consisting of Watsie Lumbard, brothers Jethro and Russell Worthy, Harold Allen, and Quick, the Eastmen recorded one single for the label before Jethro left the group in the spring of 1959. Seeking a replacement, Quick brought in Ayers, who was capable of singing lead , first tenor, and second tenor.

    The Eastmen aka The East-Men    The Eastmen aka The East-Men

    This lineup of the Eastmen remained intact for over a year, until Quick and Russell Worthy left. Ayers, Lumbard, Allen, and new members LaVangelis Hicks and Ivan “Lincoln Fig” Figueroa, of Lincoln Fig and the Dates, recorded “Passion” and “Hum-Dibby-Do-Wah" For Glow Records  in Late 1960. After “Come Go With Me” lead singer Norman Wright was discharged from the service in January of 1960, he and Quick formed a new Del Vikings unit with Ayers and Clarence's cousin, William Blakely, who had initially joined the Mercury lineup in 1957.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Eastmen

    Lover Come Home / Bye Bye My Baby

    Watsie Lumbard & The East-Men (Featuring Hal Jaxon)

           Passion                                  Hum-Dibby-Do-Wah


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