Morry Williams

    Morry Williams & The Kids (2) (Oakland, CA)

    Personnel :

    Morry Williams (Lead)

    Mal Scott (Lead)

    Leonard Charles "L.C." Jones (First Tenor)

    Walter Kidd (Baritone)

    Woodrow Moseley (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 – Are You My Girl Friend / Louise (Tee Vee 301/(Carlton 477))
    1962 – Long Foot Jene / Time Runs Out (1st version) (Luck 102)
    1962 – Long Foot Jene / Time Runs Out (2nd version) (Luck 102)
    1962 – Time Runs Out (1st version) / Part One-Grasshopper (Bobby Ford & The Blazers) (Luck 102)  

    Biography :

    Mal Scott had developed a musical interest before he was out of knee pants, playing both trumpet and comet in his grade school marching band. Then, taking up with fellow student and project dweller Morry Williams, he started singing two-part harmony around the corridors of the school. They were both natural tenor singers. One thing led to another and the duet grew into a quintet. Bass singer "Woody" Woodrow Moseley came aboard first. He was followed by Leonard Charles or "L.C." Jones, first tenor, and baritone Walter Kidd. They called themselves the Kids.


    Morry & the Kids however rehearsed at school, in hallways, at street corners and in the project buildings on Moseley Avenue where wally Cox, who became a close friend and fan of the group. The Kids’ first gigs were at Friday night talent shows at the projects run by the Recreation Centre. The Kid’s first out of town trip was the string of dance engagements up in Marysville, North of Sacramento and they performed throughout the greater Bay Area throughout 1956 and 1957. Wally Cox, acting as unofficial agent for the group, introduced the guys to Ted Randall, who hosted a local American Bandstand type of Programme on KPIX Channel Five.


    The Intrigues - Mal Scott (Center)

    Walter Kidd wrote "Louise" (or "Oh Louise") in one night. Over at Ted Randall’s House, Cox and the group wrote "Are You My GirlFriend " in ninety minutes. In the spring of 1958, at a studio in an old brick building at Thirtieth and San Pablo Avenue, The Kids held their first recording session. When the record emerged on Tee-Vee in 1958, The Kids’ carrer took off. They played The Showcase and Sportsman in Oakland legendary Slim Jenkins’ place and entertained at clubs, dances and reviews with other groups in San Francisco. A year later, Woodrow Moseley was replaced by James Carter. The Kids were also dogged by ‘Fat Daddy’ Lyons owner of the tiny Lyons and Luck labels. The Kids recorded "Long Foot Jene" b/w "Time Runs Out". The record issued almost three years after it was recorded. The Kids broke up shortly after the ‘Fat Daddy’ session. Mal Scott signed up for duty in the air force. while in the service he formed a vocal group called the Intrigues which hung together for two years.

    Songs :

    Are You My Girl Friend                      Louise

    Time Runs Out                          Long Foot Jene





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