• The Five Swans

    The Five Swans (Berkley, CA)


    Personnel :

    Lamont Scott (Lead)

    Delmar Neely (Tenor )

    Phil Shaw (Baritone)

    Curtis Marshall (Bass)

    George Brown (Piannist)


    Discography :

    Single :
    1956 - Lil Tipa-Tina / Lil Girl Of My Dreams (Music City 795)

    1956 - A Mother's Love (Music City)


    Biography :

    The Five Swans consisted of Lamont Scott (Lead), Delmar Neely (Tenor), Phil Shaw (Baritone), Curtis Marshall (Bass) and George Brown solely on piano accompaniment and musical arrangements. They made their performing and vocalizing debut while still in junior high School. The five boys signing a recording contract with The former owner of Music City Records, Ray Dobard.

    The Five Swans

    Lamont Scott, Delmar Neely, Phil Shaw, George Brown & Curtis Marshall

    They were originally named the Swans (after the swan department store where they probably purchased uniforms) but Dobart changed it to the Five Swans to avoid mix-up with other Swans groups. The Swans recorded one long session from late lunch to late dinner and cut nine songs, seven of which were "held back". Dobard had a habit of filling tapes with material and only using a fraction of them.

    The Five Swans

    The Five swans toured with the Gaylarks and the Four Deuces. Big LA R&B 1950s labels, Aladdin and Dootone, approached the group to join them, but Music City's head, Ray Dobard, would not let that take place. The Quintet soon tired of Dobard's shoddy treatment and disbanded.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

     Li'l Girl Of My Dreams                               Lil Tipa-Tina           


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