• The Golden Tones (2)

    The Golden Tones (2) (Richmond, Ca.)


    Personnel :

    Joe Simon (Lead)

    Bill johnson Jr

    James Spells

    Lynn Foster

    Lawrence Thomson


    Discography :

    1959 - Little Island Girl / Doreetha (Hush 101)
    1960 - You Left Me Here To Cry Alone / Ocean Of Tears (Hush 102)


    Biography :

    Joe Simon (born September 2, 1943, Simmesport, Louisiana) is a chart-topping, Grammy Award winning, soul and R&B artist. Like many other African-American artists from the era, Simon began singing in his father's Baptist church. He pursued his vocal abilities full-time once the family moved to Richmond (near Oakland, California) in the late 1950s. There Simon joined the Golden West Gospel Singers and became influenced by Sam Cooke and Arthur Prysock.

    The Golden West Gospel Singers                                                                      Joe Simon 

    In 1959, Golden West Bass Bill Johnson persuaded Joe Simon to quit gospel singing and try his hand at R&B. Johnson offered Simon a place in his son's secular quartet the Echo Tones. The Echo Tones were then composed of James Spells, Lynn Foster, Lawrence Thomson & Bill johnson Jr.

    The Golden Tones (2)      
                   The Golden Tones                                                                                                               The Golden Tones

    The ensemble changed their name to the Golden Tones in 1959, releasing "Little Island Girl" b/w "Doreetha", which was followed by the single "You Left Me Here To Cry Alone" b/w "Ocean Of Tears". Following the release, Hush Records owners, Gary and Carla Thompson, urged Joe to take on a solo career, which he pursued with the Veejay imprint releasing 'My Adorable One' in 1964. He later had a successful career as a soul singer in the 60's and '70s



    Doreetha                                    Little Island Girl

    You Left Me Here To Cry Alone                     Ocean Of Tears            



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