• Ricky Dee & The Embers (7)

    Ricky Dee & The Embers (7) (Easton, PA)


    Personnel :

    Rick Wise (Drums)

    Anthony Corona (Bobby Arnell) (Tenor Sax, Vocals)

    Tony Gasperetti (Bass)

    Paul Longyhore (Guitar)

    Orlando Capriotti (Organ)


    Discography :

    Ricky Dee & The Embers (7)
    1962 - Work Out (Part 1) / Work Out (Part 2) (Newtown 5001)
    1962 - Work Out / Tunnel Of Love (Newtown 5001)

    John Mobley (bb Ricky Dee & The Embers (7))
    1962 - Tunnel Of Love (Part 1) / Tunnel Of Love (Part 2) (Town & Country 6601)


    Biography :

    "Work Out" by Ricky Dee & The Embers is the start of the Harold B Robinson  recording project in Philadelphia at 6601 New Broad Street.....Newtown , New Arts, Newtime ,Nicetown , Sweet Taffy Records introduced a wonderful collection of artistes and attacked on all fronts of music with sometimes bizarre and semi-professional  discs , all without exception worth investigating... Members on the record by Ricky Dee and The Embers were: Orlando Capriotti, Tony Gaspereli, Paul Longyore, Tony Corona and Rick Wise.

    Ricky Dee & The Embers (7)

    "Work Out" was a big enough hit in the Lehigh Valley and  Philadelphia, that it did chart nationallyat #103 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Chart. Just as the record was breaking out big, radio stations stopped playing it.  Back then rumor was it was because RCA and Sam Cooke said it sounded too much like “Twisting The Night Away”.  The first pressing was "Work Out" Part 1 and Part 2 on the flip side. The second version was Workout on the A side and “Tunnel Of Love” featuring Johnny Mobley on the B side. John Mobley, from Philadelphia, sang with the Four Sportsmen and also released a 45 as Billy Boss & The Boss Tones.

    Ricky Dee & The Embers (7)

     On "Work Out" “Bobby Arnell” getting credit on the label as the lead of the group. The group was originally known as “Bobby Arnell and The Accents”.  It was indeed Newtown label owner Harold Robinson that re-named the group Ricky Dee and The Embers. The group played most of the instrumental track on the nationwide hit by Patti LaBelle and The Blue Belles “I Sold My Heart To The Junkman”.  During this YouTube video, look for the great rock and roll music trivia behind the story of that record.


    Songs :

    Ricky Dee & The Embers (7)

    Work Out (Part 1) / Work Out (Part 2)

    John Mobley

    Tunnel Of Love (Part 1) / Tunnel Of Love (Part 2)


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