• The Marshans 

    The Marshans (Tacoma, Washington State)


    Personnel :

    Marilyn Lodge (MayAlta Page)

    Penny Anderson

    Kay Rogers


    Discography :


    The Marshans
    1962 - I Remember / It's Almost Tomorrow (Etiquette 08)

    The Wailers bb The Marshans
    1962 - We're Goin' Surfin / Shakedown (Not on) (Etiquette 06) 

    MayAlta Page
    1964 - Don't Worry About Me Baby / You're So Fine  (Etiquette 13)


    Lp :

    1963 - The Wailers and Company (Etiquette 022)
    Shoo Fly Pie

    The Marshans


    Biography :
    The Wailers wanted to expand their stage show into a review by adding other performers. With two flips and a beehive ala 1962, and the departure of Rock' in Robin from the Wailers, they began auditioning several girl singers and formed their own girl singing group…. The MARSHANS. The original members consisted of Marilyn Lodge, Kay Rogers, and Penny Anderson. Later on Mary Ellen Hanson replaced Marilyn Lodge and Nickie Morrill (Kent's wife at the time) had a short run with the group. 

    The Marshans    The Marshans

    The Marshans were a colorful and audience pleasing addition to The Wailers' show during the early sixties backing up Kent Morrill and Gail Harris performances, and doing their own thing singing 'girl trio' R & B songs popular in the early '60's. They were the voices on the Wailers' "We're Goin' Surfin" ET45-06, and had their own single "I Remember" b/w "It's Almost Tomorrow" ET45-08 in 1962. The Marshans were also included on the compilation "WAILERS & COMPANY" ETLP 022 released in 1963 with "Shoo Fly Pie" .

    The Marshans

    The girls performed with The Wailers until the end of 1964 throughout the Greater Northwest with an occasional tour to Utah, Nevada and California. The changing times and more emphasis on bands, the Wailers "downsized" the "review" and began concentrating on developing the band with the addition of Ron Gardner, Dave Roland and Neil Anderson. The Marshans began doing performances by themselves with an occasional reunion with the Wailers. They were recently featured on the Wailers 40th anniversary shows in Tacoma and Seattle, March 1999. The group disbanded near the end of 1964. Marilyn Lodge had a solo Etiquette single recording shot with "You're So Fine" b/w"Don't Worry About Me Baby" under the stage name of Mayalta Page.



    Songs :

    The Marshans

    It's Almost Tomorrow                   I Remember


    MayAlta Page

               You're So Fine                         Don't Worry About Me Baby

    The Wailers bb The Marshans

    We're Goin' Surfin




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