• The Threeteens aka The Dreams (4) aka The Cupcakes (2)
    Janis Cox, Left, Donna Crunk,  top, Pam Crunk

    The Threeteens (Phoenix, Arizona)
    aka The Dreams (4)
    aka The Cupcakes (2)

    Personnel :

    Donna Crunk

    Pam Crunk

    Janis Cox

    Discography :

    The Threeteens
    1958 - Dear 53310761 / Doowaddie (Rev 3516)
    1959 - For The Love Of Mike / X + Y = Z (Rev 3522/Todd 1021)

    The Cupcakes (2)
    1959 - It's Willy / Deutsche Rock und Roll (Time 1011)

    The Dreams (4)
    Singles :
    1962 - Too Late / Inexperience (Smash 1748)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - No Love Lost
    1962 - I Forgot About You

    Denny Reed bb Donna & Pam Crunk (Uncredited)
    1960 -  A Teenager Feels It Too / Hot Water  (Trey 3007)

    Biography :

    The Threeteens were a Phoenix girl group consisting of Donna and Pam Crunk (daughters of Connie Conway, whose real name is Connie Crunk) and their friend Jan Cox. Connie Conway, a noted musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and music teacher worked with songwriter/producer Lee Hazelwood (writer of “These Boots Are Made of for Walking”(Nancy Sinatra), and producer of Wayne Newton) . The Three girls were from Washington High School in Phoenix and in 1958 Donna, Jan & Pam signed a recording contract with Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood to record at the Audio Recorders studio in Phoenix.

    Donna Crunk & Janis Cox

    As the Threeteens, they cut four songs released by Rev Records in Phoenix owned by Bill Thorne & Frank Porter . "Dear 53310761"  b/w "Doowaddie" on Rev 3516 and "For The Love Of Mike" b/w  "X + Y = Z" on Rev 3522, This Rev 45 was also released on Todd label. "Dear 53310761" On Rev Records #3516 had Duane Eddy on Guitar (The number "53310761", of course, refers to Elvis' U.S. Army serial number). The girls did most of the girl backgrounds at Audio Recorders.

    Donna Crunk                                               Janis Cox                                                              Pam Crunk

    In 1959 They changed their name as the Cupcakes and cut "It's Willy" b/w "Deutsche Rock und Roll" for Time records. In 1961, Pam & Donna, renamed the Dreams,  drove to L.A. to work with Lee Hazlewood and cut 4 sides for smash Records.  Only the single "Too Late" b/w "Inexperience" was released on Smash 1748 .

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Threeteens

    Doowaddie                                      Dear 53310761

    X + Y = Z                                  For The Love Of Mike

    The Cupcakes (2)

     It's Willy / Deutsche Rock und Roll

    The Dreams (4)

    Too Late                                        Inexperience

    Denny Reed bb Donna & Pam Crunk (Uncredited)

    A Teenager Feels It Too                               Hot Water


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