•    The Ivy Tones : Terry, Robert "Bird" Parks, Lenny brook,James "Pee Wee" Thomas & John Ivey

    The Ivy Tones  (Philadelphia, PA)
    aka The Corvets (2) aka The Corvettes (4)


    Personnel :

    John Ivey (Lead)

    James Green (Tenor & Second Lead)

    James "Pee Wee" Thomas (Tenor)

    Joseph Moody  (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Ivy Tones
      Singles :
    1958 - Oo-Wee Baby / Each Time (Red Top 105)
     Unreleased :
    1958 - My Confession (Red Top)
    1958 - Rock & Roll Daddy (Red Top)

    The Corvets (2)  
    Singles :
    1959 - I'm pleading / Let's Do The Pony (Sure 1003)
    1959 - Voodoo Baby / I Want To Know Why (Tone Craft 1009)
    Unreleased :
    1959 - I'll Get You Yet (Sure )

    The Corvettes (4)
    1960 - When You're In Love / Pointed Toe Shoes (Val-Ue 212)


    Biography :

    John Ivey & James "Pee Wee" Thomas lived in the same neighborhood, 15th & Jefferson Streets, in North Phillly. The Ivy Tones consisted of James "Pee Wee" Thomas, John Ivey, James Green, William  Brown & Robert "Bird" Parks (recruited by early member Lenny Brock). Thomas, Ivey & Green started out as a gospel group know as the Joylands with two other guys : Howard Tate & Willima Bright.  The Ivy Tones traipsed to the Reco-Art Studio on 12th Street in Center City Waxing "Oo-Wee Baby", "Rock & Roll Daddy", "Each Time" and "My Confession".  Founded in 1957, Red Top and its related labels gave Philadelphia another outlet for RnB and Vocal Group recordings.

      The Ivy Tones : John Ivey, Terry, Robert "Bird" Parks, Lenny brook & James "Pee Wee" Thomas

     Philadelphia in 1957 was the hotbed city for music. With recordings on Red Top, Hunt and later Jalynne and other labels for National and local releases, Red Top became a haven for local talent to cut wax and seek the National Hit. In 1958, "Each Time" b/w  Oo-Wee Baby was released on Red Top 105. The record, the group's only release, picked up some play in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, and garnered a distribution deal for Red Top with Liberty. With William Brown & Robert "Bird" Parks departed, and with new member, The Ivy Tones Changed their name to the Corvets and released "I'm pleading" b/w "Let's Do The Pony" for a new company, Sure Records owned by Len Rosen.

    The Corvettes (4) : Joe Moody, Robert "Bird" Parks, James "Pee Wee" Thomas & John Ivey

    Their Next Waxing "Voodoo Baby" and "I Want To Know Why " was released on Tone-Craft Records. "Voodoo Baby" was a splendid Rockballad penned by James Green. The Corvets crooned "Voodoo Baby" At the Cotton Club opening for the DreamLovers.  In 1960, a last singles was released for Val-Ue Records under the name of the Corvettes.


    Songs :

    The Ivy Tones

    Oo-Wee Baby                                         Each Time

    The Corvettes (4)

    When You're In Love

    The Corvets (2)

    I Want To Know Why                            Let's Do The Pony


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