•  The Delorients

    The Delorients (Brooklyn, NY)

    Personnel :

    Fred Brown (Baritone / Lead)

    Joe Palminteri (Second Tenor)

    Carmine Romeo (First Tenor)

    Eddie Almodovar (Lead / Baritone) 


    Discography :

    1963 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Unreleased)
    1963 - Never In This World (Unreleased)
    1963 - Kingston Town (Unreleased)
    1963 -   When I Fall In Love (Unreleased)


    Biography :

    We were only together for about 2 years. Columbia records heard our demo of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and wanted us to record it.

    Columbia Records 30th Street Studio; 207 East 30th Street

    There were delays in picking a B side and then the Beatles came out and we were no longer in demand. Carmine was from Queens NY and Joe,Fred and Eddie were for Brooklyn NY.

     From left to right, Fred, Joe, Carmine and Eddie

    The Delorients were good friends with The Encounters. In fact, Eddie was the lead singer on their recording of "Don't Stop" when one of their members left the group and while he was still a Delorient.
    Joe Palminteri .


    Songs :

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow               Never In This World        

     Kingston Town                                When I Fall In Love



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