• The Rollers  (Los Angeles)
    aka The Jewels (2) aka The Marbles

    Personnel :

    Don Sampson (Lead)

    Eddie Wilson (Tenor)

    Al Wilson (Baritone)

    Willie Willingham (Bass)

    Discography :

    1961 - Got My Eye On You / Bonneville (Liberty 55303)
    1961 - The Continental Walk / I Want You So (Liberty 55320)
    1961 - The Bounce / The Teenagers' Waltz (Liberty 55357)
    1962 - The Bug / Troubles (Bel Star 102)

    Biography :

    By 1961 Johnny Torrence had left the Jewels, leaving the remaining members of Al & Eddie Wilson, Don Sampson and Willie Willingham to re-brand themselves as "The Rollers". Signing to Liberty records they released three singles starting in January of "61 with "Got My Eye On You" and on the flip, "Bonneville."

    The Jewels (2)

    Their next single on Liberty is a quirky dance craze tune written by Don Covay and John Barry titled "Continental Walk." It's a bit of a heavier R&B tune with a similar rhythm and beat to the dance track of the 50's "The Stroll."


    The first two releases on Liberty sold fairly well locally but the relationship between label and artist began to turn sour over royalties and the flop of the last single put out "Teenage Waltz/The Bounce". After parting from Liberty the group released one more single on the Bel Star label.


    "Troubles" and the flip "The Bug" were un-impressive tracks even compared to "Continental Walk" or the earlier "Pearlie Mae" on Antler. The group disbanded. Eddie went back to doing spirituals while Sampson joined the Incredibles. Willingham left the industry altogether. Al joined another group.


    Songs :

    A Teenagers' Waltz                     Bonneville

    Troubles                                The Continental Walk

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