• Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5) 

    The Premiers (5) 
 (New Haven, Conn.)
aka Roger & The Travelers (4) aka The Frontiers (2)


Personnel :

    Roger Koob (Lead)

    Billy Koob


Gus Delcos

    Frank Polimus


Discography :

    The Premiers (5)

     Singles :
    1958 - Jolene / Oh Theresa (Alert 706)
    1960 - Pigtails Eyes of Blue / I Pray (Fury 1029)
    1961 - Falling Star / She Gives Me Fever (Rust 5032)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - I'll Wait For You
    1959 - In The Still Of The Night (acap)
    1959 - When You Dance (acap)
    1960-  I Needed Love
    1958 - Linda
    1959 - P.S. I Love You (practice session - acap)
    1959 - The Glory of Love
    1960 - To Be My Love


    Roger & The Travelers (4)

Singles :
    1961 - You're Daddy's Little Girl / Just Gotta Be That Way (Ember 1079)

    Unreleased :
    1961 - Little Boy
    1961 - You Are An Angel
    1961 - Smile


    Johnny Maestro bb Roger & The Travelers (4)

    Singles :
    1961 - I. O. U. / The Way You Look Tonight (Coed 557 )
    1961 - Besame Baby / It Must Be Love (Coed 562 )


    The Frontiers (2)

    Singles :
    1963 - I Only Have Eyes For You / Don't Come Cryin' (Philips 40113)
    1964 - I Just Want You  / I'm Still Loving You (Philips 40148)
    1967 - When I See You / You (Only You) (MGM 13722)

    Unreleased :
    1966 - The 10 Commandments of Love
    1967 - Run to Me Baby


    Biography :

    On November 19, 1956, from New Haven, came Lead singer Roger Koob and the Premiers. Brother Billy, Frank Polimus and Gus Delros took their name from "Premier Theater", a top T.V. Show at the time. Brothers Roger and Billy Koob students at Amity High in Woodbridge. The group performed locally and gained a loyal following. Roger was writing original songs for the group "Oh Theresa", "Linda", "I'll Wait For You". It was at the last moment before an audition with Leo Rogers that he penned the novelty tune "Jolene".

    Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5)   Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5) 

     (1957) - (L to R) : G. Delcos, R. Koob, F.Polimus and  Billy Koob (front)                                                                  

    It was this tune that began the groups recording career on the Alert label, a subsidiary of ABC Records. New Haven-area radio stations played the record regularly, and "Jolene"reached the Top 10 on WAVZ's "Giant 13" survey in January 1959. This record's success led the Premiers to an Alan Freed show and an extensive tour through the East Coast, as well a "Star of 59 Show" all through Canada.

    Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5)    Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5)

    Personnel and label changes followed with Joe Vence and Gordy Corvtmanche coming into the group and eventually Johnny Roddi replacing Gordy as they moved to Fury. After a mildly successful release on Fury in 1960 ("Pigtails Eyes of Blue"), The Premiers had their biggest hit and most successful year in 1961 with their recording of "She Gives Me Fever".  

    The Premiers (5) 

aka Roger & The Travelers (4) aka The Frontiers (2)

      The disc topped the charts in the East, including a stint at the number one position on the "Fabulous 40" survey of WNHC in New Haven in May, 1961.   A tour with Dick Clark and an appearance on "American Bandstand" also increased their popularity.  Many Commitments and engagements kept the group busy. They were now being managed by Jim Gribble who would suddenly die of a heart attack. Their next single was due to be released on the Ember label when they were informed that another group had the name the Premiers and they had to change theirs.

    Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5)

    So was born Roger & The Travellers, in 1961. Before Gribbles death he had Roger and the group contracted to sing background on four songs for Johnny Maestro who had just broke with the Crests. In 1962, Roger teamed up with Bill Baker (Who formally sang with the Five Satins and the Chestnuts) recording as the Buddies.

    Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5)  Roger & the Travelers (4) Aka Premiers (5)

    Soon the group would find a new label as well as a new name "The Frontiers". Roger's brother, Billy had left the group to serve in the military and was replaced by Charlie of the Academics (Another local Connecticut group). Now at Philips records working with Van McCoy, Roger and grouper told to style themselves much like the popular Four Seasons of Vee Jay Records. After two releases, Philips signed the Four Seasons and the Frontiers were sent packing although they would have one last release in 1967 . At this time, with Roger Singing lead, the frontiers consisted of Jerry Warner Jr., Phil Vallie, Skip Bianco, Fred Maffeo and Andy Smith.


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Premiers (5)

    Jolene                        Oh Theresa                     Pigtails Eyes of Blue

    I Pray                           Falling Star                  She Gives Me Fever

    I'll Wait For You          The Glory Of Love / To Be My Love        Linda / I Needed Love

    In The Still Of The Night / P. S. I Love You / When You Dance


    Roger & The Travelers (4)

    You're Daddy's Little Girl       Just Gotta Be That Way               Little Boy

    You Are An Angel                         Smile


    Johnny Maestro bb Roger & The Travelers (4)

    I. O. U.                   The Way You Look Tonight              Besame Baby

    It Must Be Love


    The Frontiers (2)

     I'm Still Loving You        I Only Have Eyes For You            Don't Come Cryin'

    I Just Want You             When I See You          The 10 Commandments of Love

    Run To Me Baby                    You (Only You) 



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