•  The Del-Airs (1) (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    Jack Lodato (Lead)

    John Bersami (First Tenor)

    Gus Mellace (Second Tenor)

    Ronald "Ronny Pro" Provenzano (Bass)

    Ronald Santora (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1962 - While Walkin' / Lost My Job (M.B.S 01)
    1964 - I took A Long Time / Ma Ma Marie (Delsey 302)


    Biography :

    John Bersami, Gus Mellace, Ronny Pro and Ron Santora were practicing and were always looking for a lead. They met Jack Lodato at the Corner of Porter and Hutchinson Street.  Jack Lodato made his bones chirping with the Velchords which consisted of Himself, The Bruni Twins (Future Records), John DePalma (Later in The Prmiers on Mink), Junior Gigliotti and Bobby Cramatola (Later in the Fantasys).

    Bersani, Lodato (Top), Santora, Mellace (Bottom)                                                                                                  

       With Jack Lodato, The Del-Airs returned to rehearsal, learning such ditties as "Two people in the World", "Tears  On My Pillow", "Teardrops", Long lonely night".  They became so accomplished, Bruce Reed, their Manager, landed them all types of guestings even though they had no recordings.  Joe Rocco (Mellace), Gus's older brother, a music veteran from the Day Brothers, arranged a get-together with Morris Ballen, Owner-operator of M.B.S record at Broad & Walmut in center city. They Cut "While Walkin'" and "Lost My Job" on M.B.S 01.


    They appears on television and radio  and in 1964, they signed a contract recording with Delsey Records and cut "I took A Long Time" and "Ma Ma Marie".

    Songs :

    While Walkin'                          Lost My Job

    I took A Long Time                     Ma Ma Marie




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