• The Stratfords (1) (Bronx, New York)


    Personnel :

    Jerry Morano (Lead)

    Ritchie Passerino (Second Tenor)

    Randy Abbondanza (Baritone)

    Sal Dilappi (Bass)

    Jimmy Orce (First Tenor)


    Discography :

    The Stratfords (1)
    1961 - Promise Her Anything / Lover's Lullabye  (U.A. 1215)
    1961 - I'll Never Smile Again
    1961 - My Darling

    King Louis bb The Stratfords (1)
    1962 - Her Eyes Reveal / It Was Fun (U.A. 41562)


    Biography :

    First know as The Delvineers, the Stratfords were students from Evander Childs HS, Monroe HS in the Bronx and Lincoln HS in Yonkers ,NY and named after Stratford Ave. in the Bronx.  The group consisted of Jerry Morano (Lead), Ritchie Passerino (Second Tenor), Randy Abbondanza (Baritone), Sal Dilappi (Bass), Jimmy Orce (First Tenor). They started out with lots of radio play...WINS, WABC, WMGM and sold heavy for two-three weeks while Universal Artists Records was caught in the pay-for-play scandal. Mike D’Agnese, their manager send the group on December,1960 to recording session on the Soundcraft Recording Studio in Manhattan where they recorded the demos "My Darling"and /"I’ll Never Smile Again."


     In September,1961 The Stratfords signed with Jim Azar label Universal Artists Records and released in February,1962 the sides "Promise Her Anything"/"Lover’s Lullabye" . The A Side have a big local acceptacion and play on Jocko Herdenson’s and Murray the K’s radio shows also the group have in this time life perfomances in New Jersey and Connecticut. The next recording of the group was also in 1962 as backup vocals for King Louis on his Universal Artist’s sides "Her Eyes Reveal" b/w "It Was A Fun."

    Songs :

    The Stratfords (1)

    Promise Her Anything But Give Her Love                  Lover´s lullabye             

    I'll Never Smile Again                            My Darling

    King Louis bb The Stratfords (1)

    Her Eyes Reveal                                    It Was Fun   



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