• L to R : Buddy Fowler, Benny Sacco and Nick Giannis

    Buddy & The Fads (Los Angeles, Calif.)
    aka Ash Bennett & The Ardells (3)


    Personnel :

    Art "Buddy" Fowler (Vocal & Guitar)

    Benny Sacco (Vocal)

    Nick Giannis (Vocal)


    Discography :

    Buddy & The Fads
    Single :
    1958 - Is It Just A Game / Won't You Love Me (Morocco 1001)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Make My Life Worth Living
    1958 - He's Caught

    Buddy Fowler bb The Fads
    1960 - That's Why / I Left My Eyes Behind Me (Crystalette 741)

    Ash Bennett & The Ardells (3)
    1965 -    Thinkin Bout Love / Day After Day (Ash Bennett) (Dottie 1128)


    Biography :

    Singing trio composed by Art "Buddy" Fowler, Benny Sacco and Nick Giannis, all Southwest residents and graduates of Washington high School. In 1958, The Trio who sang as Buddy and the Fads recorded "Is It Just A Game", a Rock and Roll song and "Is It Just A Game" a nice Ballad released on the Morocco Label out of Los Angeles.


    Two years later they recorded for Crystalette Records another ballad "That's Why" backed by "I Left My Eyes Behind Me". The band performed locally and in 1965 They recorded a splendid Doo Wop "Thinkin Bout Love" released by Dottie records as Ash Bennett & The Ardells.

    Songs :

    Ash Bennett & The Ardells (3)

    Thinkin Bout Love


    Buddy & The Fads

    Is It Just A Game                             Won't You Love Me

             He's Caught                           Make My Life Worth Living


    Buddy Fowler bb The Fads

    That's Why


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