• Sax Kari & The Quailtones ref The Fidelitones (1) 

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones  (Detroit, MI)
    ref The Fidelitones (1)

    Personnel :

    Freddie Gorman (Bass)

    William « Sonny » Sanders

    Johnny Franklin

    James Martin

    Ted Scruggs

    Discography :

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones
    1955 - Roxanna / Tears Of Love (Josie 779)

    The Fidelitones (1)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Pretty Girl / Game Of Love (Aladdin 3442) (not issued)
    1958 - Is it Too Late (Aladdin)

    Biography :

    Freddie Gorman (born Frederick Cortez Gorman, April 11, 1939 – June 13, 2006) was an American musician and record producer, most famous as a singer, songwriter for the Motown label in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was a native of Detroit, Michigan. A member of the Motown quartet The Originals, Freddie Gorman was also a vital unsung component of the Motown label's formative development. He co-wrote the label's first #1 pop hit "Please Mr. Postman", by the Marvelettes.

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones
    The Quailtones (1955) : William Sanders (Second from left), Freddie Gorman (Center)

    In 1964 the biggest selling group of all time, the Beatles released their version, and in 1975 the Carpenters took it back to #1 again. This was the second time in pop history (after "The Twist" by Chubby Checker) that a song reached #1 in the US twice. Freddie Gorman developed his potent bass harmonizing on local street corners, and was still in high school when he made his recorded debut on the Quailtones 1955 Josie Records. The Quailtones consisted of Freddie Gorman, Sonny Sanders, Johnny Franklin, James Martin and Ted Scruggs.

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones ref The Fidelitones (1)    
    Rufus Thomas & Sax Kari  

    They made one obscure record for Josie Records in New York which was arranged through a local record store owner and part time Saxophone Player, Sax Kari.  Sax Kari and the Qualitones, "Roxanna" b/w "Tears Of Love", came and went without a trace, and soon after, the group disbanded. When that happened, Freddie Gorman and another of the group's members, Sonny Sanders, formed a group called the Fidelitones, which consisted of the two of them, Brian Holland and a singer nicknamed "Bosco" who lived over on the other side of town. As it turned out, Gorman happened to be Berry Gordy's mailman, and it wasn't long before he convinced Berry to listen to his group.

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones    Sax Kari & The Quailtones
    The Fidelitones (1958)  William Sanders, Freddie Gorman                &            Brian Holland                          

    One year before Motown was started, Gordy recorded The Fidelitones for the Aladdin record label. This was also Berry's first encounter with Brian Holland . "Pretty Girl" b/w "Game Of Love" on Aladdin 3442 was never released. While under contract for Aladdin, they recorded "Is it Too Late" but again it was never released, possible because of a lack of funds, or for some other reason. It was finally released years later with this "Yesterday" record label release.
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    Sax Kari & The Quailtones

    Tears Of Love                             Roxanna

    The Fidelitones (1)

    Is it Too Late

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