• The Mystery Quartette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    (By Hans-Joachim)


    Members :

    Robby Wells

    Earl "Ricky" Wells

    Mickey "Whistler" Dissaro (aka Mickey Martin)

    Frank "Skeets" Squillace

    Discography :

    1950 - Go Tell Your Troubles To Somebody Else / Pretty Baby (Essex 703/713)
    1950 - Mommy's Boy / Don't Cry Darling (Essex 706)

    Biography :

    The Mystery Quartette on Essex has to be one of the first integrated R&B vocal groups. A photo of them shows two white and two black singers. Very unusual for 1950.
    In the photo (top) the guy on the left is Robby Wells. His cousin (with the guitar) is Earl "Ricky" Wells.

    The Mystery Quartette With the boxer Max Baer ( 1950 in New York City)

    The white members were Mickey "Whistler" Dissaro (top right) and Frank "Skeets" Squillace (top middle). Ricky Wells and Robby Wells had both been in Deek Watson's second Brown Dots group on Manor, and Ricky Wells would go on to the Mel-O-Dots on Apollo. Billy Wells joined the Four Tunes in 1955 as a rotating replacement member.


    Mickey Dissaro was also known as "Mickey Martin."

    Their Songs :

    Go Tell Your Troubles To Somebody Else      Pretty Baby

    Mommy's Boy                       Don't Cry Darling



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