• Top row (L to R): R. Aglialoro, B.Shupman, J Oswald. Bottom Row (L to R): J. Inzirillo, P.Leone & L.Mandracchia

    The Suedes (2) (Brooklyn NY)


    Personnel :

    Joey Inzirillo (Lead)

    Louie Mandracchia (First Tenor)

    Billy Shupman (Second Tenor)

    John Oswald (Baritone)

    Russ Aglialoro (Bass)

    Phil Leone (Drummer)


    Discography :
    Unreleased :
    1959 - My Prayer To Heaven
    1959 - Girl To Love
    1959 - You Are My Only Love
    1959 - Bunny
    1959 - Ding-A-Long (Our Wedding Day)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Canarsie in Brooklyn, formed in 1959, The Suedes is formed by some friends in the area and consists of Joey Inzirillo (Lead), Louie Mandracchia (First Tenor), Billy Shupman (Second Tenor), John Oswald (Baritone), Russ Aglialoro (Bass) and Phil Leone (Drummer). The group will be some personnel changes over time.

    They have made numerous appearances at various gatherings around the area and recorded several demos : "My Prayer To Heaven" , "Girl To Love", "You Are My Only Love," "Bunny" and "Ding-A-Long  (Our Wedding Day)". Unfortunately no record company will release their songs… The group disbanded in 1961.


    Two of the original members of The Suedes, John Oswald and Joe Inzirillo, along with Lou Caporusso who was an original member of The Vivids from Ozone Park Queens created a group in the 80's which many say was the continuation of The Suedes work under a new name. That group was The Revivals. They re-recorded "My Prayer To Heaven" and "Oh Please" on Avenue D. Records.


    Songs :

    My Prayer To Heaven        Ding-A-Long (Our Wedding Day)          Bunny

    Girl To Love


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