• (L to R) Donna Henderson, Sarah Sparks & Sue Kinder

    The T-Tones (Tazewell, Virginia)

    Personnel :

    Sue Kinder

    Donna Henderson

    Sarah Sparks

    Discography :

    Lanie Walker  & The T-Tones
    1959 - Jumpin The Gun / Tonite I Walk Alone (Blue Hen 235)

    Jimmy Kinder & The T-Tones
    1959 - Hangover / Alone (Blue Hen 501)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Tazewell High School in Virginia consisted of Donna Henderson, Sarah Sparks & Sue Kinder. The T-Tones signed in 1959 with Blue Hen Records as back up group for the label. Blue Hen Records was run by Sam Short in Harrington, DE. ably assisted by A&R man Hugh Lee Stevenson. He owned a grocery store and ran the label out of a part of the store.

    The T-Tones     
    Lanie Walker                                                                                     Jimmy Kinder        

    Best known for his two rural rockabilly songs "No Use Knocking On My Door" and "Ennie Meenie Miney Mo" recorded in 1958, Rockabilly singer Lanie Walker recorded "Jumpin The Gun" b/w "Tonite I Walk Alone" with the T-Tones in mid’ 1959. The Same year, the group back up Sue’s brother Jimmy Kinder, 17-year-old Tazewell High school student on "Hangover" b/w "Alone". Jimmy had never planned on making singing a career until a recording talent scout heard of his vocal ability and signed him. immediately. The teenage group have made several personnel appearences to promote their disc.

    Songs :

    Lanie Walker & The T-Tones

    Jumpin The Gun

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