• The Charters (1) 

    The Charters (1) (Manhattan, New York)


    Personnel :

    Richie Rios (Lead)

    Eddie Lebron

    Bobby Dominick

    Richie Molina

    David Rosenberg


    Discography :

    1963 - My Rose / El Merengue (Tarx 1003)
    1963 - I Lost You / My Little Girl (Alva 1001)
    1963 - Lost In A Dream / This Makes Me Mad (Merry-Go-Round 103)


    Biography :

    "The Charters" were from NY's Lower East Side (Lillian Wald and Riis Projects in Manhattan). The members were Eddie Lebron & Bobby Dominick from Jacob Riis and David Rosenberg, Richie Molina and Richie Rios from Lillian Wald.

    The Charters (1)

    The Charters (1961)

    From 1959-1963 The Charters would practice on 6th St nearly every night. In 1962, The group cut their first single : " My Rose" b/w "El Merengue" released on the Tarx Labelin early 1963. Tarx Records was part of Ben Smith's stable of New York labels, including : Tra X, TraX, TriX & X-tra.  Joe Webb, their manager, wrote "El Merengue"k and have idea to combine Doo Wop with latin

    The Charters (1)    The Charters (1)

           Richie Rios                                                                        The Charters (1963)

    Their second single " I Lost You" b/w  "My Little Girl" was produced in New York, and written by New Yorker, Jimmy Bailey. The single was released on Alva. A third single was released by the Charters on the Merry-Go-Round Label in December 1963, "Lost In A Dream" b/b "This Makes Me Mad".

    The Charters (1) 

    The Charters (1961)

    According to Richie Rios, the charters recorded a fourth single, but which one ?. It would seem, The Charters on The Mel-o-dy label (Motown)  was from Toledo, Ohio. Their Mel-o-dy cuts were produced and recorded in Toledo.  

    Songs :

    El Merengue                                     My Rose

    My Little Girl                             I Lost You

     Lost In A Dream                       This Makes Me Mad


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