• Freddie Scott & The Chimes (4) (Knoxville, Tennessee)
    aka The Five Pennies aka The Four Jokers aka The Four Pennies (2)


    Personnel :

    Freddie Scott (Lead)

    Benjamin Washington (Lead)

    James Myers (First Tenor)

    Herbert Myers (Second Tenor)

    John Myers (Baritone)

    Charles Holloway (Bass)  


    Discography :

    Freddie Scott & The Chimes (4)
    1958 - Please Call / The Letter Came This Morning (Arrow 724)

    The Chimes (4)
    1958 - Lovin' Baby / A Faded Memory (Arrow 726)


    Biography :

    In late 1957, The 5 Pennies  did some recording as the "Chimes" for the Arrow label. 

                                                                                                Freddy Scott                      

     "Please Call" and "The Letter Came This Morning" were done as backups to Freddy Scott. They also recorded "Lovin' Baby" and "A Faded Memory" on their own.



    Songs :

    The Chimes (4)

    A Faded Memory                                    Lovin' Baby

    Freddie Scott & The Chimes (4)

                         Please Call                       The Letter Came This Morning


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