• The Connotations  (Bergenfield-Hackensack, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Dickie Harmon (Lead)

    Joe Pascuzzo (Tenor)

    Wesley Cooke (Tenor)

    Eddie Brian (Baritone)

    Clinton "Jack" Davis (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Connotations
    1962 - Two Hearts Fall In Love / Before I Go (Technichord 1000/1001/Clifton 25)

    1980 - When You Wish Upon A Star / When I Fall in Love (Clifton 51)

    Joel & The Connotations
    1979 - Stormy Weather / Zoom (Clifton 33)
    1979 - No More (Clifton LP)


    Biography :

    Quintet from Bergenfield-Hackensack, New Jersey.  The Connotations cut one single for Technichord  owned by George Card in 1962. The connotations are the young Dickie Harmon on lead, his cousin Jackie Davis was the bass, tenor Wesley Cooke (never seen in the picture) , Joe Pascuzzo and Eddie Brian the Baritone. In 1979 Joel Katz with Dickie Harmon, Clinton "Jack" Davis from the original connotations cut some accappella sides for Clifton  Record.

    Songs :

    Two Hearts Fall In Love                    Before I Go

    When You Wish Upon A Star          Zoom                             No More


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