• The Jumpin'Tones (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) 
    ref The Raindrops (4)

    Personnel :

    Joe Nunez  (Tenor)

    Pat Zito (Bass)

    Joe Wren (Baritone)

    Tony Carbone (Tenor)

    Discography :

    1964 - I Had A Dream / I Wonder (Raven 8004)
    1964 - Grandma's Heading Aid / That Angel Is You (Raven 8005)
    1989 - Jingle Bell Stomp (The Raindrops) / Even Now (Avenue D 16)

    Biography :

    After a single for imperial, the Raindrops broke up. Joe Nunez then decided to form another group, along with his brother Pat and two other friends, Joe Wren and Tony Carbone. they often frequented a bar called the Highway Lounge, which reputedly was changing its name to the Jumpin' Lounge. The Group thus decided to call themselves the Jumpin Tones.


    The Group soon found themselves a manager, WNJR disc jockey Ted Kakuk, who took them to meet Don Davis, President Of Raven Records. "I Had A Dream", the Jumpin Tones first release on Raven, followed shortly. The record was not exactly a success , but nor was it a complete commercial failure either. It did well in a few scattered areas and actually reached the N°1 slot on the Dick Baldwin show in New Jersey, where it remained on the charts for over a month.

    Before the group's second Raven release, manager Ted Kakuk came up with a gimmick that, although standard today, was nothing short of outrageous at the time. He had the boys go out and purchase theatrical costumes. So that they would appear to be travelers from another world, the planet Tarnarium and adopted strange, other world, name.


    Along this bizarre lines the group worked out an entire routine for their live performances, which included spots on TV with Clay Cole in 1963, in one of Cousin Bruce's popular shows at New Jersey's Palisades Amusement Park, and in numerous other shows throughout New Jersey with Danny "Cat Man" Styles. The Same year, Raven released "Grandma's Heading Aid" b/w "That Angel Is You ".  Without success, the group inevitably disbanded.
    Thanks to Joe Nunez JR.

    Songs :

    I Wonder                             I Had A Dream                    That Angel Is You

    Grandma's Heading Aid             Even Now






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