• The GI's (Army Base)
    aka  Doug Van Beck Trio

    Personnel :

    Doug Morris

    Richard Vanderbilt

    William Beck


    Discography :

    The GI's

    Singles :
    1963 – Please Wait / Dance The Wiggle Wobble (Festival 502)

    Eps :
    1963 - The GI's (Festival FX 1341)
    Please Wait / Too Much Dreamin's No Good / Blizzard / Dance The Wiggle Wobble


    1964 - The GI's (Festival FX 1368)
    When Does It Get To Be Love / Lucy / Indian Surf / Surf No. 1 (Surfin' Little Girl)


    Doug Van Beck Trio

    Singles :
    1964 - Surfin' Little Girl / A Workin' Man's Day Is Never Done (Fargo 1064)
    1964 - A Whole Lot Of Surfin' / A Workin (Judy 6500)

    Biography :

    This vocal group, made up from three US Army soldiers. They met during their military service in France. They sing mostly in American military camps for armed theater. Following an appearance at the french TV, they got a contract with the French's Festival label and cut eight songs.


    When they returned to the United States after their military service, they recorded two singles as Doug Van Beck Trio. Doug Morris later wrote "Sweet Talkin' Guy" for The Chiffons and produced many Laurie label acts.

    Songs :

    The GI's

         Lucy                      Too Much Dreamin's No Good                   Please Wait







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