• The Tantones (
    Top : Irving Ross, Leonard Wayne Bunn & Walter Boyd - Bottom Darwin Jackson & Melvin Ross.

    The Tantones (Los Angeles, Ca.)



    Leonard Wayne Bunn (Lead)

    Irving Ross

    Walter Boyd

    Darwin Jackson

    Melvin Ross


    Discography :

    The Tantones
    1957 - I Love You Really I Do / No Matter ‎(Lamp 2002)
    1957 - Tell Me / So Afraid (Lamp 2008)

    Leonard  Wayne & The Hi-Tones - Leonard  Wayne & The Impacts
    1963 - That's All I Want To Do / You Didn't Have To Laugh (Andre 701)

    Lenny Wayne & The Hi-Tones
    1964 - That's All I Want To Do / You Didn't Have To Laugh (Sky Line 701)


    Biography :

    The Tantones hailed from South Los Angeles. They attended Manual Arts High School which was, along with Jefferson and Fremont High Schools the hotbeds of the Califorina vocal group scene. The group were composed by Leonard Wayne Bunn (lead) Irving Ross, Walter Boyd, Darwin Jackson & Melvin Ross. In 1956, The Tantones signed a recording contract With Lamp records. The Tantones recorded four songs "I Love You Really I Do", "No Matter", "Tell Me" and "So Afraid" released on two singles in March 1957 and July the same year.

    The Tantones (    The Tantones (
    Leonard Wayne Bunn                                                                                                                    

    Lamp Records is a subsidiary of Aladdin Records, Lamp originally was based in New York City,  but late in it's brief life moved to Los Angeles. Lamp never really had a hit record,their first was in 1957, but they always seemed to record good artists. Other vocal groups who recorded for Lamp Records were: The Mellow Fellows, The Cues, The Cookies, The Carols, The Lovers, The Sharps, The Troopers, The Heart-Throbs, The Minorbops and The Inspirations. In 1963, lead singer Leonard Wayne Bunn  wrote and recorded two songs released on Andre & Sky Line records.


    Songs :

    The Tantones

    Tell Me                                     So Afraid

    I Love You, Really I Do                               No Matter        

    Leonard  Wayne & The Hi-Tones

      That's All I Want To Do                      You Didn't Have To Laugh


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