• The Classicals

    The Classicals (Los Angeles)


    Personnel :

    Clevell Nichols

    Lloyd Killebrew

    Lloyd McCoy

    Grant W. Taylor

    Robert Key Jr.


    Discography :

    1961 - The Camel / Help Me (Prudential 1002)
    1962 - One More River / The Camel Caravan (Kent 379)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Los Angeles composed by Clevell Nichols, Lloyd Killebrew, Lloyd McCoy, Grant W. Taylor and , Robert Key Jr.. In 1961  Clevell Nichols write two songs "The Camel" and "Help Me". The group will record the tracks which will be released by a small Los Angeles label called Prudential. With a first single in hand, the group will knock on the door of the prestigious Kent records, a Los Angeles-based record label, launched in 1958 by the Bihari brothers. Clevell Nichols and the group wrote two new songs "One More River" and "The Camel Caravan" that Kent records will release in 1962.


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim)   

    Help Me

    One More River                              The Camel Caravan


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