• The "4" Uniques  (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    Ken Riccardo

    Drew Rezula

    Lonnie Wiel

    Mike Brando

    Discography :

    The "4" Uniques
    1961 - Looking For A Love / Too Young (Adam 9002)
    1961 - She's The Only Girl for Me / Twistin Around (Adam 9004)
    1961 - Good Luck Charm / Island Of Love (Deer 3002)
    1964 - Endlessly / Maybe The Next Summer (USA753)

    Jerry Vinar & The "4" Uniques
    1961 - Your Love Is Just for Me / Please Tell (Variety 1028)

    Biography :

    Vocal quartet from the Northwest side of Chicago composed by Ken Riccardo, Lonnie Wiel, Drew Rezula and Mike Brando. the band signed a record contract with Adam in Chicago and recorded four pieces. Two singles will be published, " Looking For A Love " b/w " Too Young " and " She's The Only Girl for Me " b/w " Twistin Around " with the local well-known instrumental group The Mus-twangs.

    The Mus-twangs

    The Mus-twangs were Jerry Urban, growlin' sax, Paul Cotton, lead guitar and later, member of POCO, Buddy Riley, rhythm guitar, Guy (Frenchy) Germany, drums, and Keith Anderson, Bass.  The Mus-twangs appeared at Poppel's Under 21 Club, Riverdale, Ill and at numerous Jim Lounsbury Record Hops throughout the Chicago, Ill area 1961-1964.  The " 4 " Uniques  did many gigs and played at various festivals in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. In November 1961, before more than 2,000 spectators,  they served as the opening act for well-know singer Bobby Rydell’ in Madison (Wisconsin).


    In April, 61 Jack Barthel, personal promo man, heads a newly formed record company Deer Records,  and in July, inked the Four Uniques to a recording contract. The group released " Good Luck Charm " b/w " Island Of Love " the same month… Finally in 1963, USA Records released " Endlessly " b/w " Maybe The Next Summer ". USA Records was a Chicago based record label founded in 1960 by record distributor Jim Golden. The label's office was located across from Chess Records and Golden's Allstate Distributors was Chess' regional distributor.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Looking For A Love                  Twistin Around               Good Luck Charm

    Island Of Love                          Endlessly               She's The Only Girl for Me

     Too Young                          Maybe Next Summer



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