Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens (2) (Chicago)


    Personnel :

    Faith Taylor (Lead)

    Yvonne Waddell

    Saundra Long

    Marry Collins

    Curtis Burrell (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - Your Candy Kisses / Won't Someone Tell Me Why? (Federal 12334)

    1959 - I Need Him To Love Me / Please Be Mine (Bea & Baby 104)

    1959 - I Love You Darling / Paper Route Baby (Bea & Baby 105)


    Biography :

    Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens were a young quintet from Chicago, Illinois who had one release "Your Candy Kisses / Won't Someone Tell Me Why?" in August 1958.

    The froup was fronted by Faith Taylor, a nine-year-old phenomenon who had been winning singing contests and appearing on radio and television since she was three years old! They Were all 16-17 years old high school students.

    After some local commercial success with their federal release, Charles Jones (the group's organiser/songwriter) brought Faith and a reformer group (with two original members) to Bea & Baby Records .


    They have two final releases in October 1959 on the new label.

    Songs :

    Won't Someone Tell Me Why                     Your Candy Kisses

    I Need Him To Love Me                       I Love You Darling

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