• The Emjays
    The Emjays : Judy Lloyd , Mike Fox , Jimmy "Curtis" Evans & Mike Love 

    The Emjays (Massapequa,L.I.,N.Y.)

    Personnel :

    Jimmy "Curtis" Evans (James Martin Stulberger)

    Judy Lloyd (Judith Lloyd)

    Mike Fox (Michael Fox)

    Mike Love (Michael Mislove)

    Discography :

    The Emjays Featuring Jimmy And Judy
    1958 - This Is My Love / Waitin´ (The Pitty Pitty Pat Song) (Greenwich 411)

    The Emjays
    1959 - Cross My Heart (Hope To Die) / All My Love, All My Life (Greenwich 412)
    1959 - Over The Rainbow / Cookie Jar (Paris 538)

    Jimmy Curtiss & The Regents
    1965 - The Girl From The Land Of A Thousand Dances / Let's Dance Close (Laurie 3315)

    Jimmy Curtiss
    1960 - The Simple Things / Without You (UA 215)
    1961 - Miss Untrue / Love Sweet Love (UA 312)
    1962 - You Got What I Like / Five Smooth Stones (Warner 5257)
    1965 - Not For You / You`re What`s Happening Baby (Laurie LR 3312)
    1967 - Psychedelic Situation / Gone But Not Forgotten (Laurie LR 3383)
    1969 - Johnny Get Your Gun / For What I Am (Perception P2)

    Biography :

    Jimmy Curtiss was born 1941 under his real name James Martin Stulberger in New York. He grew up and lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. For the first time Jimmy Curtiss appears as a member of a doo wop outfit The Emjays. The Emjays were three guys and a girl:  Jimmy Evans (Later Jimmy Curtiss) Mike Fox, Mike Love, and Judy Lloyd. The youngsters met and organized at Plain Edge High School in Massapequa, L.I., while members of that student body. They write and arrange their own material. The quartet was brought to the attention of label prexy, Hal Webman, by former movie star, Esther Ralston, who's daughter Judy Lloyd, is the female member of the three boys and a girl combo.

    The Emjays    The Emjays

                                                                                                             Judy Lloyd

    Greenwich Records signed and recorded the new teenage singing group.  The Emjays' first release on Greenwich couples "Waitin'" (The Pitty Pitty Pat Song) with "This Is My Love". The Group cut a second release for Greenwich in 1959 with "Cross My Heart (Hope To Die)" / "All My Love, All My Life". A third single appears on Paris record the same year. Jimmy Curtis issued his solo debut, "Without You," on United Artists in 1961. The label attempted to position him as a teen crooner in the mold of Bobby Vee or Paul Anka, although original and distinctive efforts like 1962's "Five Smooth Stones" not surprisingly failed to make a commercial impact. 

    The Emjays    The Emjays
    Jimmy Curtiss                                                                                                 

    Stripped of his record contract, Curtiss sold songs to Bobby Darin and Ellie Greenwich, and even worked for a time in advertising. Since 1965 he collaborated with Ernie Maresca and Laurie Records in New York. Three Jimmy Curtiss singles appeared on the Laurie label. The "most famous" being, of course, "Psychedelic Situation". Otherwise there wouldn't be this feature.

    The Emjays
    Jimmy Curtiss

    "You're What's Happening Baby" (1965) and  "The Girl From The Land Of 1000 Dances"/bw the Fantastic "Let's Dance Close" (with The Regents) (1965) were the other two 7" 45s on Laurie. Fans of doo wop and teen pop in The US and UK are usually quite fond of this song with The Regents plus the early singles by Jimmy C., while psych pop and bubblegum aficionados prefer Jimmy's music from 1967 onwards. Between 1967 and 1969 Jimmy Curtiss worked with The Hobbits in New York.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Emjays

    This Is My Love           Waitin´ (The Pitty Pitty Pat Song)          Cross My Heart  

                   All My Love, All My Life         Over The Rainbow /  Cookie Jar          


    Jimmy Curtiss & The Regents

        ****Let's Dance Close****             The Girl From The Land Of A ........


    Jimmy Curtiss

    The Simple Things                        Without You                       Miss Untrue     

    Love Sweet Love               You Got What I Like              Five Smooth Stones



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