• The Lions (1) aka The Resonics
    The Lions : David Cobb, Horace "Pookie" Wooten and James Warren

    The Lions (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Resonics


    Horace "Pookie" Wooten (Second Tenor/Baritone)

    Charles Jackson (Tenor)

    Jerome Evans (Baritone)

    James Warren (Bass)


    Charles Everidge (Baritone)

    David Cobb (Second Tenor)

    Tony Allen (First Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Lions (1)
    1960 - Two Timing Lover / The Feast Of The Beasts (Rendezvous 116)
    1960 - The Yokel (He Went To Town) / Hickory Dickory (Imperial 5678)
    1960 - No One / Giggles (Everest 19388/MACK IV 1/2)
    1961 - Til The 13th Month / Girl Of The World (MACK IV 104)

    The Resonics
    1963 - Pepe La Phew / Split Personality (Unity 101)
    1964 - It Won't Be Long / With Your Love To Guide Me (Lil-Larry 1005)
    1964 - I'm Really In Love / Think Right (Lucky Token 108)

    Biography :

    James Warren was part of the Youngsters and the Shields Touring Group and promote "You Cheated" Which had become a national smash. In 1960, James Warren went on to join a group called the Lions. The original members were: Horace "Pookie" Wooten (second tenor/baritone), Charles Jackson (tenor) [both Wooten and Jackson had been in the "Zindy Lou" Chimes], baritone Jerome Evans, and bass James Warren.

    The Lions (1) aka The Resonics
    The Lions (Paste up picture) : From Top James Warren, David Cobb and Horace "Pookie" Wooten

They recorded "Two Timing Lover"/"The Feast Of The Beasts" for Rendezvous  and "The Yokel (He Went To Town)"/"Hickory Dickory" for Imperial. In the summer of 1960, when Charles Everidge (the Youngsters)  got out of the service, he replaced Jerome Evans. For their next session they added second tenor David Cobb (another former member of the Chimes) and first tenor Tony Allen (who had recorded "Night Owl" with the Chimes behind him [as the "Champs").

    The Lions (1) aka The Resonics   The Lions (1) aka The Resonics
    Tony Allen                                                                                                                   

The Lions then recorded "No One" (led by David Cobb)/"Giggles" (fronted by Tony Allen); these were released on the Everest label in September 1960. The next month they were re-issued on James McEachin's Mack IV label. Their last record  was also on Mack IV: "Til The 13th Month"/"Girl Of The World." The Lions Broke up in 1961 and re-formed in 1963, with Ray Daughtery, Charles Jackson, James Warren, and Horace Wooten. Calling themselves the Resonics, they recorded three records (one each for Unity, Lil-Larry, and Lucky Token).


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Lions (1)

    Two Timing Lover                          No One

         Giggles                                 Til The 13th Month

          Girl Of The World                      The Feast Of The Beast

    The Yokel (He Went To Town)                    Hickory Dickory         

    The Resonics

           Split Personality                       With Your Love To Guide Me

    I'm Really In Love                     Pepe La Phew

    It Won't Be Long




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