• The Five Lords (Boothwyn, PA)


    Personnel :

    Sylvanius "Slip" Franklin (Lead Tenor, Tenor)

    Harold Comegys (Scond Tenor)

    Joseph "Joe" Pryor (First Tenor)

    Elwood "Bunky" Robinson (Baritone) 

    John Walker (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - Oo-La-La / Falling Tears (D&S 2078)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - My Darling Caroline (D&S)


    Biography :

    When Sylvanus "Syl" Franklin was a boy growing up in Lower Chichester, he wanted to be a famous vocalist with a big band. His dream sort of came true. In the mid-1950s, he and four other students at Chichester High School made up a singing group called The Five Lords. The others members were Elwood "Bunky" Robinson, Joe Pryor, Harold Comegys and John Walker.

    The Five Lords  The Five Lords

    The Five Lords cut three songs "Oo-La-La", "Falling Tears" and "My Darling Caroline" . "Oo-La-La" b/w "Falling Tears" was released on the tiny label D&S. They also could be heard on a local Chester radio station every week or so. The group broke up, but Sylvanius "Slip" Franklin  & Elwood "Bunky" Robinson would later become members of Jim Jacono & The J's. Franklin continued with his music - this time as a pianist, and sometimes vocalist.


    Songs :

    Oo-La-La                                               Falling Tears

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