• The Hi Fives (1) (New York)



    Personnel :


    Discography :

    1956 - Throwing Pebbles In The Pond / Hong Kong (Flair X 3000)



    Biography :

    In 1956, three former vaude luminaries have joined forces to set up Flair -X Records here. The trio consists of former comic and gag writer Lee Tully, president and artist and repertoire head; Sid DeMay, formerly of the team of DeMav, Moore and Martin, executive veepee and sales chief. and former magician and head of. Genie Records, James Jimae, assistant i.&r. chief.

    The label has already pacted th'ushes Ginny Scott and Nancy Arno, a group called the Hi Fives and singers Larry Knight, Mark Milano and Wilbur Paul.  Extensive single and LP releases are planned.

    The Hi Fives (1)     The Hi Fives (1)

    The Hi Fives cut "Throwing Pebbles In The Pond" b/w "Hong Kong" the same year.

    The Hi Fives (1)





    Songs :

    Throwing Pebbles In The Pond                   Hong Kong





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