• Millard Edwards, James Dennis Isaac, Jimmy Allen (photo from Sheppards)

    The Bel Aires (2)  (Chicago, Illinois)


    Personnel :

    Millard Edwards (Lead)

    James Dennis Isaac (Bass)

    Jimmy Allen (Baritone)

    Ezell Williams (First Tenor)

    Frank Taylor (Second Tenor)


    Discography :

    1958 - My Yearbook / Rockin' An' Strollin' (Decca 30631)


    Biography :

    The Sheppards were formed in 1959 out of two earlier groups managed by Bill Sheppard, the Ballads and the Bel Aires. Members were Millard Edwards (lead and bass), Jimmy Allen (baritone), and James Dennis Isaac (bass and fifth tenor) from the Bel Aires; and Murrie Eskridge (lead and top tenor), O. C. Perkins (second tenor), and Kermit Chandler (Guitar) from the Ballads.  The Bel Aires first got together in 1957 calling themselves the Del Ricos and eventually joined producer Bill Shepard. He had been recording Chicago vocal groups since 1953 and found them two fine tunes and an excellent arrangement. He also secured the facilities of Decca, a major label, for the group whose name he had changed. The record initially did well but never really took off.


    Songs :

    My Yearbook / Rockin' An' Strollin'




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