• The Dynamics (2) 

    The Dynamics (2) (Pittsburgh, Pa.)


    Personnel :

    George Winesburgh (lead)

    Jimmy Shoup (First Tenor)

    Earl Viney (Second Tenor)

    Dock Johns (Baritone)

    Donny Fuchs (Bass)



    Singles :
    1957 - When The Saints Come Marching In / Gone Is My Love (Cindy 3005)
    1958 - Someone / Moonlight (Impala 501/Seeco 6008)
    1962 - Christmas Plea / Dream Girl (Dynamic sound 578/9)
    1961 - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams / I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Lavere 186)

    Unreleased :
    N/A - Angel Of Love
    N/A - Newly Weds
    N/A - Wedding Bells
    N/A - Too Young (Acappela)
    N/A - Pigeon Prance (Acappela)
    N/A - Too Young (Acappela)
    N/A - Pigeon Prance (Acappela)


    Biography :

    Hey, North Side is famous for its singers. In the fifties, a group of guys from the Shadeland Avenue neighborhood discovered they made a pretty good sound together and became the Dynamics.They were George Winesburgh (lead), Jimmy Shoup (first tenor), Earl Viney (second tenor), Dick Johns (baritone), and Donny Fuchs (bass).  They released their first wax on the George Goldner/Jay Michael's Cindy label in 1957, "When The Saints Come Marching In" b/w "Gone Is My Love." The flip got a lot of air time locally.  Looking to break out of the Pittsburgh market, they approached Brighton Height's George Bodnar, who organized area hops, managed West View Park's Danceland , and was the founder of a then-new local label, Impala Records.


    Bodnar was impressed with the act, and took them to Nashville to tape two songs at the Bradley Film and Recording Studios. On May 4, 1958, the Dynamics had a tape of "Someone" penned by Dick Johns and "Moonlight," written by Donnie Fuchs.  It was reissued as Seeco 6008; they even sold European rights to the song. But we all know how the industry worked then - Seeco didn't push the record, and the Pittsburgh connection didn't receive a red penny for the work.  Winesburgh and Viney split, and Ron Barnett and Dick Spracier replaced them. But the new Dynamics didn't have much more luck than the originals. They released a couple of more singles - "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" b/w "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" on Laverve Records in 1961, and "Christmas Plea' b/w "Dream Girl" for Jules Kruspar's Dynamic Sound Records in 1962.


    Neither took off, and the group faded into the mists of musical history. One problem was that no one took proper care of the business end for them. Another drawback was the group's name itself - it was estimated that up to a dozen groups went under the Dynamics tag during the fifties and sixties, and it's hard to break from the pack without a strong brand.

    Songs :

    Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams                         Someone                   
    Gone Is My Love                                     Moonlight     

    Dream Girl                                           Newly Weds

    Christmas Plea                                    Wedding Bells

    Pigeon Prance                                            Too Young


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