The Mystics (3) (Cincinnati)
    aka  The Dealers


    Personnel :

    Claude Johnson

    Doc Morris

    Melvin Thomas

    Don Thomas


    Discography :

    The Mystics (3)
    Singles :
    1962 - Mash Potatoes With Me / The Hoppy Hop (King 5678)
    1963 - The Jumpin' Bean / Just For Your Love (King 5735)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Humpty Dumpty (Had A Great Fall) (King)
    1962 - Stars In The Sky (King)

    The Dealers
    1965 - You Got It / (We're So) Glad That We Made It (Big Bunny 507)


    Biography :

    The Mystics on King Record were : Claude Johnson, Doc Morris, Melvin Thomas, and Don Thomas (he's the one who later joined the Drifters - his real name was Charles Thomas, but he changed it to Don so as not to be confused with the Charlie Thomas who'd been in the Drifters for many years).


    After two singles for king they became the Dealers and have a last one with Big Bunny Records.
    Thanks to Marv Goldberg

    Songs :

    The Mystics (3)

    Just For Your Love                       The Hoppy Hop

    Humpty Dumpty                           Stars In The Sky

    Mash Potatoes With Me                   The Jumpin' Bean


    The Dealers

    You Got It


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