• Lady Fox & The Foxettes
    Yvonne Bushnell 

    Lady Fox & The Foxettes (Philadelphia, PA)


    Personnel :

    Betty "Lady" Fox (Lead)

    Yvonne Bushnell

    Liz Grant


    Discography :

    Lady Fox & The Foxettes
    1962 - I Think Of You / Our Love (Will Never Grow Cold) (Don-El 114)

    Lady Fox bb The Foxettes
    1962 - It Must Be Love / How Are You (Comment allez-vous) (Don-El 118)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Adios, Goodbye to Love (Don-El)
    1962 - Our Love Will Never Grow Cold (Don-El)


    Biography :

    Producer Wally Osborne is not a household name, even to students of Philadelphia soul, but he did involve himself in numerous Philly soul records, as producer, songwriter, and musician. In 1962, he Produced Lady Fox & The Foxettes. Lady Fox’s name was really Betty Fox. Her husband’s name was Hubert Fox.

    Lady Fox & The Foxettes   Lady Fox & The Foxettes
                                                                   The Jaynetts :  Lezli Valentine, Yvonne Bushnell & Ethel Davis

    The other two girls were Yvonne Bushnell and Liz Grant. Yvonne Bushnell came out of the Jaynetts “Sally Go ‘Round The Roses”. She lived in Philly then but had come from the Jaynetts. She later married (well known music columnist) Masco Young. Their two singles Was released on Don El records in 1962 . Don El records Founded by C. Percy White [aka Don White] . Their songs went nowhere and the group disbanded in 1962.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    I Think Of You              Our Love (Will Never Grow Cold)

    It Must Be Love / How Are You (Comment-Alles-Vous)


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