• The Four Winds (3) 
    (Brooklyn, New-York)

    Aka The Tokens (2)

    Personnel :

    Hank Medress (Tenor)

    Jay siegel

    Mitch Margo

    Phil margo

    Discography :

    1963 - Dear Judy / Come Softly To Me (Crystal Ball 102)
    1963 - Goodbye Maureen / Arlene (Crystal Ball 105)
    1964 - Remember last summer / Strange Feelings (Swing 100)
    1968 - Let it ride / One Face in the Crowd (B.T. Puppy 555)


    Biography :

    "Remember last summer" This Ernie Maresca song was one of half a dozen singles that the prolific Tokens released in 1964.

     They released some songs under the pseudonym The Four Winds on a subsidiary of their B.T Puppy label. (Their Beach Boys-styled on the Go also appeared on their Swing subsidiary that years). The era was ending, but this was a high note to go on.

    Songs :

    Dear Judy                              Remember last summer

    Arlene                                  Come Softly To Me


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