• Pete & Vinnie (The Videls) (Providence, Rhode Island)

    Personnel :

    Peter Andreoli (Anders)

    Vincent Poncia Jr.

    Discography :

    1963 - Hand Clappin' Time - Part 1 / Part 2 (Big top 3155)
    1963 - Why Can`t We Try It Again (Unreleased)
    1963 - Laughing Fool (Unreleased)
    1963 - Remember Me (Unreleased)
    1963 - Why Does the Dance Have to End?  (Unreleased)
    1963 - Laughs Laughs  (Unreleased)
    1963 - Ballad of the Willow Tree  (Unreleased)
    1963 - After the Party`s Over  (Unreleased)
    1963 - What`ll Do With the Pieces (Unreleased)
    1963 - She`s the Girl Who Stole My Baby  (Unreleased)
    1963 - Understand Me (Unreleased)
    1963 - Take It On The Chin (Unreleased)

    Biography :

    Peter Andreoli (Anders) and Vincent Poncia Jr. can be found on so many records, they're almost Zelig-like figures in the annals of music history. They wrote hundreds of songs for the likes of Cher and The Ronettes. They founded a record label (MAP City Records).

    And within the space of a few short years, after The Videls and before The Trade Winds, the duo would make records as Pete & Vinnie.

    Songs :

    After the Party`s Over           Take It On The Chin

    Hand Clappin' Time               What'll Do With The Pieces

    CDs :



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